Important Information

Luxury Cards is totally involved and focused on providing the best service to all our clients, as well as the best quality in the product and in the service; However, there are certain points that we want to clarify in order to define and focus our responsibilities.

Luxury Cards is 100% safe, no member of our information transfer team saves, stores or records any type of file or bank information of our clients, we ensure total care in this process where we guarantee your personal and financial security; however, Luxury Cards is not responsible for future charges, purchases or unknown transactions of any kind.

On it, we ask the client to "freeze" his card from his banking app for his greater security from the moment he sends the plastic, until the moment he receives it.

Luxury Cards is not responsible for future fines, penalties or complaints about copyright on logos, images or designs featured on our metal cards.

The process of transfer of components such as the EMV chip and the magnetic card is 99% safe, using the best and newest technique; however there is a 1% possibility in which the chip may be damaged in the transfer process, in this case Luxury Cards is not responsible for the poor condition in which the components may have been found in this process, thus resulting in a complete failure in it; in this case, the amount of the price will be returned to the affected customer, not including shipping costs; We recommend after this process to contact your bank and carry out the appropriate process regarding a failure in your plastic.

It is not recommended to use metal cards in ATM machines or any machine that requires the full insertion of the card into the reader. Due to the metal cards being heavier than plastic cards, some full insertion machine’s rollers may be too stiff to eject the card. We recommend you only use part insertion devices, where you can always see part of the card, in order to remove it manually; Luxury Cards is not responsible for future problems arising from this issue.

Once the shipping process has started, cancellations of services or returns will not be allowed.

The purchase and estimated delivery dates may be affected by anomalies or situations beyond the power of responsibility of Luxury Cards; the client fully accepts this process and the delays it may cause.

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